I live in a house in The Hague and this is my favorite spot:


It is a big house, quite a responsibility to guard. But from this position I have a good view of the street and the grass in front of our house, all of which is mine. M says it isn’t, but it is. She doesn’t know it yet.

If I had stayed in Greece and the shelterpeople would not have found me, I would be a stray dog and probably guarding a garbage bin right now. There is nothing wrong with a garbage bin, of course, but this is much better, don’t you think?

2 thoughts on “Home”

  1. Hi Bubbles, glad to know you are there to keep an eye on everything: checking the ‘garbage’ on the streets for as you know thieves have been active in our neighborhood. However, because of you I can now curl up securely and purr the whole day. Sending you a sweet miauw
    Biba 🙀

    1. Hello Biba, I am glad you can sleep well because of my guarding. It is against my principles to write a cat, but since I know you it is okay, I guess. Although I do hope that next time I will see you, you will let me chase you. And not do this nailthing to me again. Greetings!

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